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      In my youth I was evacuated to Manchester during the war to my mothers sister, and lived there for ten years as my mother couldn’t support me at home as she was a war widow, and they received very little money. My Father died fighting in Greece and is buried there.

      My mother married again to a very nice guy who had lost his transport firm because the Government compulsorily took all transport to help in the war effort. He was working as a bus driver when I knew him and died not long after.

      I lived in Seaford from then on and when I left school I had several jobs until I started to work in the building industry. The work suited me and I learnt plastering from my employer Frank Simmons. After about nine years I left them and struck out on my own. Times were very hard then and it took some years for the business to flourish. I got married at this time and had two children.

      I employed at one time six men but they were more trouble than they were worth so I sacked the lot and took on my son. We worked together until I retired. I worked in Belgium for about ten years as I thought it would pay off, but was sadly mistaken. I lost my house because of their tax laws and have never fully recovered.

      For about ten years I have been a Foster Carer and my last child, whom I had for seven years, has now left me to go to Private School.

      Now in my early seventies, I had tried writing books for a long time but it was the advent of the computer which really opened the floodgates for my talent as it was so simple to write on them.

      I'm a member of the popular Anderida Writers Circle in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and I'm also a member of the Senior Citizens Writers Club. We have published a book of short stories entitled 'Twists In The Tales'. This highly rated book is available on Kindle or as a paperback.

      News: June, 2013 - My latest book, 'The Survivalists' is available now at Amazon as a paperback or Kindle E-Book. Get your copy today!

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