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The Survivalists
Book 2 - The Finale

The Survivalists The Finale - available now!     In earth's history there have been several eruptions that literally wiped out almost the entire population of the whole planet. One such is the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera in Arizona. In the last 1.2 million years it has exploded twice with devastating force that resulted in the earth descending into so-called Nuclear Winter. During this time the sun is blocked out by the volcanic dust and no crops can grow or animals survive. Geologists have proved that this happens on a regular cycle of about 600,000 years. The last time this happened was 640,000 years ago when nothing larger than a dog survived. So the world is overdue for another enormous disaster, but when?

          Nobody knows.

     Nobody in the entire world has taken the trouble to prepare for this cataclysmic event, except for one man who truly believes that it will happen in our lifetime. He finds out that the US Government is in possession of secret reports predicting the disaster will happen soon. They will prepare to survive this event, but he knows that they will be looking to save themselves rather than the general public. He convinces his family and friends to take action to survive themselves.

     Book 1 detailed their move to Australia and the establishment of commune that would survive the coming holocaust.

     Here in Book 2 the eruption occurs and the survivors have to contend not just with the environment, but other survivors.

               The veil of civilization quickly drops off.

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The Survivalists
Book 1 - Getting There

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The Survivalists - available now!       Millions of visitors head for the Rocky Mountains at Yellowstone to marvel at the steaming geysers, bubbling mud pots and thermal pools. Few of them realise the scale and depth of this natural wonder. A Super volcano is not formed above ground but rather below it. This natural phenomenon is actually a Caldera which is formed after a volcano erupts, blowing the top of the mountain away. The resulting depression fills first with lava and then with water which forms lakes and thermal pools. The caldera at Yellowstone extends for seventy miles by thirty and is approximately six miles deep.
      Scientists and archaeologists have discovered and recorded that this caldera has blown at least twice at 600.000 year intervals, the last time 640.000 years ago. It is now overdue for another eruption. If it does blow, it will spread billions of tons of rock and dust into the atmosphere blocking out the sun's rays and temperatures on Earth will plummet, creating a global wide nuclear winter. No crops can be grown and millions will starve to death. The last time it happened nothing larger than a dog survived. As a measure of how much dust will be expelled, the last time it happened, two meters of dust was deposited in Iowa which is a thousand miles away.
      Reports have been coming in of activity in this region with small volcanic movements happening more and more frequently. The earth in the region of the lakes has risen out of the ground by about a yard, giving rise to speculation that the magma chambers far below the surface are moving, creating unheard of pressures which could ultimately blow in one enormous explosion. If this happens it will be catastrophic for all mankind and it is possible that out of the world's population only a few thousand people might survive.
       What would you do if this happened? The Survivalists is a story of what one man and his friends undertake to stay alive.

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I was inspired to write this story by this article:

Without Their Consent - An Erotic Story

Francis Wait's new erotic crime thriller ‘Without Their Consent' is so sexually explicit that it has been banned by Amazon. But it can be found on which delivers manuscripts to various websites such as Sony, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Flipkart, Oyster, and Scribd.

This sizzling e-book can be downloaded to tablets or read on a PC.

Author Francis Wait says “It is basically a thriller about two men seeking revenge after being humiliated by females, One, a work colleague, and the other, an ex-girl friend. Will the men be caught and punished for their crimes? Find out by reading this sexy book, but do not buy it if you are likely to be offended by descriptions of sexual activities.

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The Magical Pendant of Perdania
By Frances Jaycee

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Samantha is a twelve-year-old girl who is befriended by a black cat; she discovers the cat is Gwyneth, a mage, banished to earth, from a land where magic is considered to be normal. Gwyneth can now change from a cat to a person at will.

The evil magician who banished Gwyneth from her own world is trying to take the whole of her land and corrupt it to his own malevolent image. Samantha discovers with the help of her new friend, that she has a great magical ability herself, and Gwyneth presents her with a beautiful Pendant, which helps focus her magical abilities.

When she goes to this new land by travelling through a “fairy ring” in her garden, she finds herself at the centre of a struggle to gain control of this other world. She has Timmy her childhood friend, who has been promoted to a Knight, and Gwyneth to help her.

A wise old man has found an old prophecy that says that the three of them must fight the evil magician with three items that together will give them the power to win. But all is not as it seems in this Magical Land and they will have a terrible struggle to bring peace.

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Francis Wait
Twists In The Tales - We're Not Dead Yet WritersTwists In The Tales
Just like that box of chocolates you've not tried before, this little book of stories is full of surprises and treats. Written by the Eastbourne group, We're Not Dead Yet, it sets out to appeal to a range of emotions. Here you'll find many a chuckle and twist. But also to be found is charm and poignancy. As with all twist in the tail stories, the reviewer bears a responsibility not to give too much away. But this collection has many qualities which can be discussed without straying into plot revelation.

Take for example, Christine Dudley's story, Maurice And The Magic Book. The narrator in this story is a cat: not an unprecedented approach, but handled here very skilfully, with wit and wisdom. It has a very different pitch from Christine's second story, The Café, which is an intriguing story of loss and happenstance. Its well-crafted central character, Sylvia, will certainly arouse the interest of many a reader.

I chuckled throughout A Village Feud written by Francis Wait. This filmic tale is set in rural Ireland many decades ago and the author has great fun exploring issues of allegiance and belief when a newcomer to the village draws the community away from the local church. Those who admire John Ford's classic movie, The Quiet Man, will find this story very much to their liking.

Heather Flood's tender tale, The Christmas Tree, handles the difficult subject of death in a clever and mature way. But it was her playful second offering, Heaven Or Hell? which I preferred. The use of present tense gives the story an urgency which pulls the reader along its witty passages to the look-out-here-I-come ending.

Other clever twists in the tail are to be found in Tony Flood's No Brainer and Elizabeth Gibbs's Naughty But Nice, both of which will have you chuckling as well as guessing.

There is not enough space to review all the stories individually: suffice to say that if you want a short story collection that you can read through in one sitting, or dip into when the mood takes, to be amused and intrigued, We're Not Dead Yet will serve you well.
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click here. For the paperback version click here.

Triple Tease

Tony Flood's new spicy crime thriller Triple Tease has received glowing reviews from best selling authors Peter James and Tamara McKinley, the Sun newspaper's Stuart Pink and actor Brian Capron, who played serial killer Richard Hillman in Coronation Street.

Go to to check it out, together with Tony's celebrities confessions book My Life With the Stars, featuring Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Joan Collins, George Best, Muhammad Ali, The Beatles and a host of others.

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Australian Dream
This story tells the tale of a man who turns up in Australia with lots of money and hires a beautiful college graduate to create a vineyard for him. He eventually gets the girl into bed and into his life. Then his wife turns up....

This story is still in the early stages.
Conflict In London
Colin rents an office in London’s Soho to get near to people on the film industry to interest them in a story he has written. He prefers to write in his office. He gets in an argument over parking with a villain who rules his empire with an iron hand and the row escalates into a full scale battle between them. Colin gets his house burned down but extracts revenge in his own way....

I have nearly completed this story.

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